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I've been playing League for a little over 2 years now. I ran a team called Visions of Anarchy or VOA for short with a dear friend of mine named TornEternity. We practiced day and night in order to defeat many sponsored teams before getting a sponsorship of our own. After a while the team slowly died down, but I still love to compete in the competitive scene. I've studied and mained Solo Top as a role for about 900 or more games. Akali has always been my favorite champ, and I have played her and almost mastered/perfected her after 400 or so games. If anyone wants to add me, send me a message on here first, as my friends list stays full unless I have to delete an old contact. I helped start up and continue to help run a gaming community by the name of DirtNap. We currently have a sponsored team that has beaten many well known teams including Curse and CLG. We are heading to the GESL, and hope to do well if not take home the 1st prize.