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I'm new here to mobafire, and I have a propensity for learning. I am an avid gameplayer and I would describe myself as a strategist, having grown up in the chess and starcraft realm. I don't get very many chances to play as much as I'd like, but I'm a competitive little thing, oddly enough.

Often described as long-winded in real life, I tell stories plenty and often of the different places I've been, the different things I've seen, and the difficulties I've experienced. There's a lot to life, and I haven't gotten it all figured out yet, but as I said, I am quite the good learner, and I have already learned quite a bit. I've read a good number of guides, I've played about half the champions, own about a quarter, and would say that I play approximately nine well enough to compete with. Those nine are Ziggs, Tristana, Fid, Nid, Singed, Teemo, Taric, Nunu, and Caitlyn. I am midly competent with some other champions, and hope to add many more to my "proficient" roster over the next year or so, as I play more normals. I do not intend to play ranked at this time.

I may eventually write some guides, but for now, I'll read more than I write, and trust me when I say that I write a lot so... heh, well, there's fun stuff in store. Mind you, I don't really expect this page to get very many views, so to any who take the treat of reading it, please, by all means, leave a hello, say hi, critique, etc, it's always nice to hear from folks. See also, if somehow Caster Master or Jhoi find their way here, I will most likely be grinning ear to ear, regardless of what they had to say. So far they haven't steered me wrong, and I've put more than a few of their ideas into practice on the champs that I prefer to play.

Finally, positions for each champ that I consider myself proficient with, and a small explanation of why.

Ziggs- AP mid (duh) or AP bot carry (passive hits turrets hard, he can two shot most turrets with LB)
Tristana- AD carry bot (I have tried AP trist, feels funny, not my style, love that q burst on turrets and ganks.)
Fid- Jungle or mid, pending (jungle is preference, but mid, he can early counter some AP's hard)
Nid- Bot support, period. (I am not confident enough to play her as solo lane, and so far haven't lost a game with her as support)
Singed- Top (duh), jungle (becoming more popular now, apparently. He brings a lot of cc to the table)
Teemo- AP bot (standard, I guess?) or bot support (it works if you max your blind first, trust me. Move quick maxed second and shrooms for the slow, not for the damage, you go mostly support items, oddly enough, and get lots of cdr. Hidden passive op)
Taric- bot support (only thing I've ever seen him as, really, and I'm only marginally good with him)
Nunu- Jungle, bot support, mid, top, because you never know where a nunu will ult. I build him tanky AP, similar to how I build singed, just with a bit more emphasis on AP than singed.
Caitlyn- ADC, top (she can top due to her traps. You can terrorize someone with them. Gap closers be damned lol)

That finishes out what I was trying to update on this page, I suppose I'll be googling some code stuff later. For now, pretty well set tho, it's late.