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Well, I'm still a relatively new player. Only been playing LoL since August/September of 2012. I pick up on games fast and learn quickly. Got to 30 on two accounts relatively fast and been playing a lot of normal to work on skill and mechanics.

I've recently been playing some ranked and am stuck in my own version of Elo Hell and my elo has now dropped below 1200. It's been a combination of winning my lane, having a decent kda (sitting at about 8/4/10), but still losing the game. I think it's because I'm better than the people/elo I'm playing with, but just not good enough to carry hard enough to win the game on my own. And trust me, it's NOT from a lack of communication on my part or berating my teammates..I'm one of the coolest/nicest players you'll get.

So... it's a tough going but it is quite the learning experience. Just gotta push through and get better. I am looking for people to play with in solo/duo/or 5's on NA server, so if interested, send me a friend invite or pm.

I mainly play AP mid champs. My champ pool is decent playing Lux, Ryze, Karthus, Katarina, Kennen, and Morganna. Recently been working on learning Ahri, Orianna, Gragas, and Anivia. Currently haven't tried them but thinking of trying the bruiser mids like Pantheon or Lee Sin.

IF I don't get mid, I will play any position but jungle... just haven't picked it up yet. I'll usually run Ezrael/Caitlin as adc, Taric/Leona/Blitz as support, or Olaf/Darius/Zed/Jayce top lane.