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Shen, Pantheon, Maokai
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I can't imagine why somebody would read one's Bio, but since I'm here I might as well fill some stuff in.

I've been playing LoL for quite a while. I'm not an expert, I may never be one... Why? I play simply for the fun of it.. For the fun of getting my 4ss kicked... No, I'm not a massochist but it simply warms my heart when I manage to save one, two or all of my teammates.
I started out with Heimerdinger, he was tons of fun to play with.
As I discovered the rotations, I figured I had to buy a champion, just in case I won't get along with a certain week's free to play champions..
I went for Ashe, followed by Tristana.. I wasn't satisfied. I learned to play with both of them yet I felt there was something missing. Got Cho'. That's when I began loving Tanks. As soon as I worked my way around the game, I discovered Shen, who is now my fav. champ. of them all.

Rock on!

"I'm so smart, I'm practically ******ed"