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So this had been some time now that I've been on LoL playing. I was there when Kayle was first released! Yes this is a long time ago, no I never had a level 30 account. I'm more of the type that prefers rare but good games. I've got no intention on trying to tell people how to play as I myself still have difficulty of doing a nice game streak. I'm no pro and I don't consider myself one, but I will surely help others if they ask to. The reason why i'm not good even after all those years playing LoL if because I've stoped playing for about 2 years and I came back about 1 year and a half ago, while still playing about 2-3 games a day 5/7.

If you like my builds or if you have any comments on how to improve them send me a message I'll be happy to read it!

Have fun and don't forget that wathever happens; it's a game!