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Hey guys! I'm Peji, I'm a plat level Jayce main. Jayce has served me well in the past and i hope the future as well. I play mid most often but I'm not scared to take Jayce anywhere if needed, I've had great success in all lanes including jungle with him. There are so many reasons i love Jayce, he just suits my play style to the T. He may not be the meta pick right now, and to be honest i kind of like it that way. i get Him all to myself, and that way people are more confused when they get 1 shot late game :^) I have a consistent 67% win rate on him, with great stats. (11/3.8/9.2 KDA) I know i am not Challenger but i do have a great knowledge of the champion. So i encourage all feedback and or criticisms. Thanks guys and gals! see you on the rift!
- Peji
(P.S, dont be afraid to add me in game :3)
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