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HiFromBuddha (Unverified)
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Arigatou everyone! I'm Ling Ling and I'm a young cute little Asian schoolgirl that lives in Melbourne, Australia. I enjoy all things that a cute little girl like me would, like bubble tea, Rilakuma teddy bears, pink ribbons and vigorous anal stimulation. Gaping is my absolute fav XOXO I also watch anime, and my favourite anime are Happiness Precure, Special A, Bible Black and Ouran High School Host Club *giggles*

Lol wtf.

Let's try this again.

Greetings and salutations beautiful people of this lovely site. Due to overwhelming, popular demand, and by that, I mean three people, each telling me to do one about a month after I asked if anyone wants me to do one, I have decided to deliver a bio.

The question we must first look at is, what exactly is a bio? What good does a bio actually provide? The other question to ask is, what business do I, some Asian European schoolboy living in Australia, have typing up a bio that I would imagine even less people than the amount of people that PM'd me would read. Additionally, why would I provide my personal details, who, as far as I'm concerned, are simply old men that are looking a for a tight place to fit in. And finally, why am I typing this and making myself sound like an absolute pompous ****boy when I could just do what everyone else does and give information in a cheery manner?

Alright, for real this time...

G'day ****s, I'm John and I'm a fairly ordinary guy from Melbourne, Australia, as well as a proud "Vapora is gay" activist. I'm currently going to a private school on a day to day basis, and it's been fairly draining since it's pretty full on. In my spare time I like to masturbate, up to 9 times a day. Heck, in the past 6 hours I reckon I've given a tug about 4 times. Pretty good if you ask me. I masturbate so much that I think masturbation probably doesn't count as my free time anymore. It's more like a daily ritual.


I also really enjoy basketball, casual videogames, watching films and watching anime/reading manga, even though I don't think I've read or watched one for about half a year now. Shows how little spare time I have, and it's only going to get worse. However, what you'll probably find me to do most during my spare time is ****-posting on various internet forums, especially karma-whoring on Reddit in hopes that one day I can cash in my Reddit karma for friends and confidence.

My friends generally consider me a hilarious, if not entertaining guy. Even though I do everything that your average kid with depression and is bullied at school would do, I'm actually very popular and well-liked within my year level simply because many people seem to think I'm funny. My secret is that you don't actually have to be funny, you just have to say really random ****, and if you can relate it back to bodily fluids and waste, even better, better like the taste of my semen after I eat pineapple. See, instant ****ing humorous gold. I'm so ****ing funny hahahahaIcrymyselftosleephahahaha...*sobs*

Anyway, time to go deeper, deeper than the cervix. That's right, the ****ing Fallopian Tubes. That's where I'm going with this reflection. Not the ovaries though, way too ****ing deep. Anyway, I never have had a serious relationship, and honestly, am not looking for a romantic one. If I ever become really tight with a girl (hopefully she is too if you catch my drift I'm sorry I'm just contradicting everything I'm going to say), I honestly hope it's a completely non-romantic relationship and one where we can be absolute best-friends. In a way, and as gross as this sounds, I want a relationship like one I have with my sister, because my sister and I are really really close. We're basically best friends, but this is starting to get into the ovaries. The one thing I value the most in my life are my lungs and my cardiovascular system. After that, and also when I'm not being an unfunny smart***, I'd have to say family and friends. I absolutely cherish everyone who is good to me in my life, and I really, really am thankful to all my friends and family, and have no ****ing clue what I would be or how I could function without them. So yeah, that's my Fallopian Tubes. Really not as interesting as you thought.

You can see me around this site often, ****-posting and all. Also, on SmiteFire, where I'm a mod there.

Anyway, thank you for reading all this. I lub you <3

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