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My name is Brandon and I live in the United States of America. I started off playing League of Legends as Master Yi, and shortly after purchasing him I was pretty good. Then I read on a guide that Jax could demolish Master Yi. Due to me being new to the game, I figured that since I had read that, and since Jax was a more expensive champion, he must be better. So I purchased Jax and came to find out that he played very similarly to Master Yi and I was happy for a while.

However, I searched for better options, and eventually purchased Wukong, who became my main for quite some time. Though Wukong was fun, he was also lacking. He seemed very underpowered even though his skills were nice. I wanted a champion that was as fun as Wukong, but better in almost every way. After some searching, I found Ezreal who is currently my favorite champion by far.