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"My favorite animal on the planet is the Honey Badger. The African honey badger is the only animal on the planet with NO natural predators. I mean, the shark eats the shark, the whale eats the whale, the eagle eats the whatever- but if you go to YouTube and type in "honey badger vs," it automatically prepopulates a list of 278 animals that the honey badger has fought on film and beat successfully. Lions, bears, hell it'll get on a jetski and go fight a barracuda, it does not give a sh****t~ My favorite video of the honey badger starts off with it coming across a 6-foot King cobra snake fighting a mongoose. The cobra kills the mongoose in like 5 seconds, and starts eating the mongoose. The honey badger trots up, TAKES the mongooose OUT of the cobra's mouth, and sits back and starts eating it. You're thinking, full from the mongoose, pissed-off cobra, get the f* out of there, right? Hell no. Honey badger stays to FIGHT the cobra. Cobra bites the honey badger in the face, and it inflates like a balloon. Honey badger KILLS the cobra, and starts eating it...beginning with the HEAD...WHERE ALL THE POISON IS! Soon thereafter, honey badger goes rigor mortis. Camera speeds up 20 minutes, and honey badger WAKES UP, shakes off the poison, and FINISHES EATING THE REST OF THE COBRA!"