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Hi, I'm hoopyfruitloop, I top lane with noobs for lols because yolo except not yolo because guardian angel. I just discovered that Diana is a motherforkin' BEAST in the top lane. I also like to play Renekton, Wukong, Riven, Malphite, Volibear, Kha'Zix and not forgetting Zilean except not Zilean because he takes part in very controversial activities. I am a big fan of MOBAs and love to try out new stuff. I have a YouTube channel where I hope to be posting more League of Legends in future :) I am level 24 but don't let that deceive you I would say I am a decent player, have a good understanding of the game, you get some guys who are level 30 and think they are the best because they have more wins than me except they aren't the best because they don't play/understand the game properly and they get dunked :D