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Nature the best gardener of all-hence

In this website, we'll look at and explain how organic fertilizers will help us improve your soil and all plants. Have you ever wondered "what do I need to do to make a better vegetable garden, lawn, and flowers?" My goal here is to bring up some ideas and hints to help those that want to help themselves return to basics and organic fertilizers. All information about plants with Plant Spot app free on itunes.

1) How do they work: improving the quality of our soil, matching the nutrients that will improve our plants:(examples) seaweed will green plants, stimulate roots, and act as a chelating agent. Molasses is used to feed microorganisms in the soil. A real part of organic fertilizers.

2) When to use the organic fertilizers:(examples) seaweed applied once a month as a supplement. Molasses (honey) can be used anytime to feed microbes.

3) Many extra items that can help us do our part:(examples) hardiness zone map and some approximate dates when that first and last frost will take place. Help you with the weather and is part of the organic fertilizers concept.

4) We also have a glossary for those words we all try to communicate in the gardening and organic fertilizer world. Remedies for those pests, diseases, and weeds that seem to grow better than our garden. And garden tips.

5) And just like a good cook book our site has rate charts, rate comparisons, and rate dilutions in case we have to follow directions on the organic fertilizers bottle.

6) What are some examples of organic fertilizers: seaweed, fish emulsion, humates, molasses, bone meal, corn gluten meal, greensand, lava sand, epsom salt, compost, mulches, worm castings, chicken manure, gypsum, hydrogen peroxide, lime, sul-po-mag, minerals, and more.

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