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Hunter Drake (Unverified)
Kayle, Renekton, Alistar
Tank, Caster DPS, Support


Hi, the name is Hunter Drake. Started playing LoL in January and I've been playing it quite alot since then :D

I'm lvl 30! :P

I like most champs. Tanky, AD, AP, support, jungler!

I haven't jungled alot though. I've never played ranked, I think I',m too bad for that at the moment.

I like Kayle because you can build her so many different ways! Her Q slow and damage multiplier and her E is great together!

I like Renekton because he's a tanky cool champion. I have the Rune Wars skin, and I think it looks awesome. His playstyle is also great, with a stun, a gap closer, AoE/health ultimate and a farming ability! :)

I like Alistar (support) because he can Q then W champs back to the carry! It's just very satisfying ;D

Also, I like players that respect each other! Be respectful and nice, don't be a donkey poop!

End of story! :D

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