After reading koksi's gaming history, I thought it might be nice to write one of my own ^^

So here we go.

The first thing I remember, is a game for the MSX. It is called The Wiz, and here is a video. There were some other games, but sadly I can't remember their names :P

After that I got my first own PC, Windows 98 ofc. I remember playing GTA 2, Theme Hospital, Rollercoaster Tycoon,
Age of Empires II, Worms 2 and Heroes of Might and Magic III. When I got a little bit older, games such as Medal of Honor : Allied Assault and Call of Duty came my way.

Then, I bought a Gameboy Advance. Obviously I started playing Pokemon Yellow, and I went on with Pokemon Gold, Ruby and Leaf Green. There were actually very little good games for it, but those really stood out. Even today, I still play it sometimes :P

Later on, I started playing Wolfenstein : Enemy Territory. It was my first online game, as we didn't have internet connection until I was 12. A classmate from high school recommended it, and I started playing online together with another friend. We ended up in a community called Lost Legion (tag: -L|L-) and I made it from regular to member to admin. Occasionally, you can still find me there, but not often.

My current ingame nickname comes from Wolfenstein. It was in the summer of 2008, I was playing at about 3 pm every time. One Israelian guy who used to be a member, was playing as well. He noticed that every time, around 3 pm, I went to spectators and wrote: brb, going to eat an ice cream. He then suggested making IceCream my nickname. And who am I to say no to that? :D Of course I played around a little, naming myself IceCreamChris, IceCube, IceCreaMy and I don't know what else :D I even named myself IcePanda (because of a crush of mine, who also played, seemed to love pandas) and IceSanta (at xmas time). Usually in my favorite color, blue, but also in the colors of the Dutch flag, black and white for panda or red and white at xmas time.

On with the story of my gaming history then...

Then I bought a Wii and a TV, all from my own money. For me, as 14-year old it was really expensive (about 300 euros all together I believe) and I was really proud of it. My favorite games are the FIFA series, and last Christmas I received the new Kirby game, Kirby's Adventure. I just love the colorful game, along with the epic but somewhat cliché storyline :P I also own some skateboarding and shooting games.

That other friend (from Wolfenstein) also had a PS1 game, called Suikoden. I found it, with one word, AWESOME! I know the graphics are terrible, but this game has all I want; a good storyline, a good fighting system, and a challenge. I also played part II, which was also very decent. Sadly the series moved on to the PS2, and that kind of ruined it. I am hoping that in 2012, I can make a game just like that but then based on the lore of League of Legends.

But ever since I found out about League of Legends... It all started about a year ago, a classmate from university and still a good friend, told me to play it along with him and his friends. I started, and am still playing. I suck, always playing Lux, Janna, Caitlyn, Vayne or a random lock-in champion along with some troll games. I keep on playing around 1300 ELO, but I don't really care about that. In fact I kinda fell in love with writing my own guides for my favorite champions.

So, that is pretty much it, I hope you enjoyed reading and hopefully, you will also start playing some of the games I mentioned ^^