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Gierch En (Unverified)
Kayle, Kindred, Galio
Fighter, Tank, Support


"A Comment at Exil's Documentary about Dopa this February 2020"

At First what inspire me about the League was the Fantasy, but then the lore taught me to reflect on my character as I became sentimental and sort of philosophical. I don't play the league to be cool, I just wanted to enjoy the sensation of Inspiring Fantasy as I tried to reach people's stress that they can be also Guaranteeing Efficiency instead of condemning people with acclaimed value ... I'm currently hard stuck at Silver 1 tho, win then lose, win then lose, I'm only Playing Kindred and Galio who also has a chilling Lore that reflects my Depression tho I would never commit suicide because Life is much more than describing sensation, I'm just frustrated too that I can harness such wonderful things tho I would not care for myself nor I'm obssessed about a certain so I became like I feel like living by restraining myself. Still feels somewhat relieved to share this. Well currently my motto is "Your Sanity is as worth than your comprehension; Character > Reputation" [UwU]

All of my Build guides are sentimental and guaranteeing efficient adaptability than risking wits with brawns out of desperation to score. Remember Your Sanity(Understanding) is as much worth than your Comprehension(Act); Dedication is not wrong but intent may do; Character > Reputation
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