Hello everyone!

I'm quite sure this happened to you as well - you play a game of LoL and end up teamed with some noob/troll, that is toxic and ruining the game for the whole team. And as the game progress, you find out that this troll is from mighty country of Poland. It happened to me in both PvP and bot games. I thought how unlucky I was to play with those few trolls that are out there...

As I stated few times already, I joined the "League of Justice" and started to review cases of reported players.

And to my surprise - 90% of all reported players are from Poland!

It's mostly offensive language, verbal abuse and negative attitude. The worst things you can actually get reported for. The results are mainly time ban for them.

But why is this? What's going on, Polish players? Why do you have to be so toxic all the time? What's your problem?

Why do you have to have this attitude of a world champion, while playing stupid bot game, and abusing new players who are just trying to find out what to do? While doing noob mistakes yourselves! Why do you have to always be so rude and switch to polish any time you feel like taking the abuse to the next level?

I think after all those reviewed cases, I know every single swear word and curse in your language.

Now, I'm not a bit surprised, why everybody hates Polish people. Do you do it on purpose? Are you really enjoying this? I can't see one sane reason for all this mess.

I got this feeling, that if I create a PayPal account, and spread a word around LoL community about me collecting donations for buying a private, Polish only server (while all EUNE accounts of polish players will be moved there, with no chance of migrating anywhere else)... I would bet my NumLock key, that within 4 weeks I will have enough money for 5 servers like this.

And I guess this won't go unnoticed by Riot Games as well. Why? Because you are thinning the community and therefore eliminating potential customers. Since this game is free to play, there is no real need to buy anything. So they have to do their best to make us - players - want to buy some new champions, new rune page or skin. If you create new toxic player (by your behaviour), they will be soon banned. Or you just discourage new players so much, they leave by themselves. The less people play this game, the less is the chance someone wil pay real money for RP points. And that means no funds for Riot. Which means something has to be done about it.


I myself believe, that you can find idiots and very nice people in every nation, every community, and pretty much everywhere in the world. In Poland as well. Even I managed to meet 2 very decent Polish players myself - one was very friendly and encouraged us while loosing a game, other one was very good player.

But you can't deny the facts and those reports are bullet-proof evidence. I'm sorry.


Actually we - non-polish players - can't do anything. If we whine, bombard Riot with our cryes or try whatever else, it won't work because always it will look like we are picking on you guys.

The change has to come from you.
  • I'm sure there are tons of polish websites about LoL. Join them, talk to the others, create friendly atmosphere and start your fight against toxicity. Or create some blog about LoL, Poland and toxic behaviour. Make people see it, talk about it and finally - do soemthing about it. Appeal to their common sense.
  • If you see toxic countryman in game, try to calm him down (in polish if you have to). And tell the others that you hope that experience won't make them feel like all polish players are such *******s. Show us that you are not one of "them".
  • This may be little weird but make friends with those toxic folks, get to know them and slowly, game by game, teach them to calm down, to take it easy, and mostly - that it's just a game.
  • And you can always join the tribunal and quicken the process of banning trolls from the community. ;-)

I know, this all sounds nice and easy, but I know it is a long run. Not many people can do it, but if you yourself don't start, nobody will. And it will get only worse. You have to do something about this, guys. If I could, I would gladly help to lower the troll rate in EUNE server, but anything I do, will be useless since I'm not Polish.

Hope you get the strength and start changing the Polish player's community to a better, more sportsmanship ways, than it is now. Good luck!

I did not post this to infuse PvP (Players vs Poland) hatred. I didn't mean to upset, disrespect or mock Polish players. Just stated the obvious and expressed some personal opinions about this issue. Please do not post here any hateful stuff, however if you have something to say (any more advices on how to turn toxic players into friendly pals, some interesting thoughts or important things), feel free to comment.

See you later and.. don't be toxic. It's unhealthy! ;-)