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Inquisitor_Kane's Mobafire Blog

12 Apr
Hello everybody!

And welcome to my "Top 10 champions you should be ashamed of yourself, if playing them in low elo games". Why you should be ashamed? Not only because they are easy and don't require ANY skill to be good with them. What is even worse - long time exposition to these "noob stompers" corrodes and destroy your personality and sportsman behaviour as well!!!!

During this whole time I saw many different players playing these champions and most of them followed one of two same patterns:
  • if they were winning: laughing...
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07 Mar
Hello everyone!

This time I had to speed things up a little bit. In an hour I am leaving for the airport, as I am going home for a week, so I won't have a chance to play till next Sunday. So I try to keep this one shorter as well:


Very interesting ADC. He scales with AP (only his ult is mixed dmg), so you have a possibility to build him AD, AP or hybrid - and still do good. It brings options for your team, as the enemy can't build effective resistance items...
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06 Mar
Hello everybody!

So the live beta test of Team Builder was on, and I did get a chance to try it out. Unfortunately just one day, as I thought it will continue today, and, well.. it's not. :D

So no screenshots, as I did not do a single one yesterday :(

I tried it as a freelancer and as a captain, and I must say: Team Builder is a Blind Pick mode finally made playable.


It's great. You just pick the champion you want to play, role and lane you want, put on your summoner spells, rune page and masteries page,...
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03 Mar
Hello everybody!

Another week, another free rotation. This time quite a lot of champions I never played before, so I was eager to try them all. Despite the lack of time, I somehow managed. Here are the thoughts:


I really don't understand why people like to support with this champion. If you do so, it feels like wasting her potential. The only supportish thing you got, is your passive, combined with Summon: Tibbers. Laning phase is kinda...
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03 Mar
Hello everybody!

As a part of my "get better at LoL" plan, I decided to play all the champions. To know them, and to be able to play against them in rankeds or some serious games.

Thanks the weekly free rotation, it is possible. And yesterday, as I was playing Annie support, I relaized, how bad she is at this. Not because of my skills, but because I was voluntarily making her bad with wrong itemization and wrong mindset, due to the nature of my role. Let me explain, please:

Who is Annie? She is an AP killing machine....
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