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Blitzcrank, Thresh


I've started playing regulary at the beginning of Season IV. But I have my Account since Season II or III. After my ten placement games I got Bronze I. Since then i tried to climb up the ELO Ladder. I got out of Bronze till Silver I. Won: 2 Games and Lost: 2 for my Gold Promo. In my last Game i lost even though i was 8/0, just because our Jungler Olaf fed the enemy Tryndamere so hard that he just oneshot me (maybe I was just too noobie to carry my team. Your opinion). I would still say i play like Gold III.
My Goal for this Season is getting Platinum V or at least Gold II.
In the entire Time i am Lvl.30 i've changed my Main positions some times.
Right Now my Main Position is Support
(like you can see in the Picture)

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Protect. Harass. Dominate. - A Thresh Guide (My first Guide)

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