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XScreaminDEATH (Unverified)
Wukong, Hecarim, Volibear
Melee DPS, Jungler, Tank


I used to main jungle Nocturne until I opened my horizon to other junglers, and I kinda lost touch in my Nocturne skills >.< When I went into Ranked, I would play whatever wasn't filled, then I noticed that the junglers were always... Terrible. So, I decided to only jungle. Then it appeared again that all of the lanes kept getting lost, nobody would actually help me, so now I prefer top, with either Wukong or Volibear. My research of ranked costed me my division II Status QQ. Ah well what's done is done. Currently working on getting champs I can carry with in ranked/waiting for my friend to come help me get out of this elo hell.