I officially think this game hates me, not long ago I was on a win streak in ranked and was bringing my win rate up (I was winning 6 or 7 out of 10) and then I get a ****** team, next game I played terribly but so did all but one of my team.
I just played another ranked game and we surrendered because we had taken no towers and the only tower not down to inhib turret was top (my lane) and I was the only one to get a decent laning phase I was 2-3-0 and only 2 were from lane one was defending mid inhib turret while my outer turret was still up. Out cait got 1 kill and in the 20 min long game she had 54 farm, and the enemy twitch was 9-0 with about 100 farm and the support was 5-1-something and with a support kayle well she just rushed rageblade and went for damage. We had a total of 4 kills that match I had 2 Veigar got one on lux in lane and cait shut down kayle and proceeded to get raped by their xin.
I was the only one that did decent and even then when you get 4 hit under tower by the support well something is wrong, My choice of teemo top was bad especially since cho went top not jungle so I was stuck with exhaust because I thought I was up against xin I managed to get some kills on cho early but as soon as he got his ult he zoned the **** out of me and as soon as he got rod of ages i couldn't take any significant amount of health off him and he's just q and take a fair bit of my health so that advantage went out of the window.