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IShouldGetALife's Mobafire Blog

18 Oct

Views: 1173 Why Can't I Get Silver

Seems like half my time in ranked is spent bouncing from 20-90 points in a division before getting to promos, and this doesn't bother me since it gives me more experience before I hit the next rank, what annoys the ever living **** out of me is when I play the best in my team, if not the game and my team makes the worst decision ever and throws the game while I sit there and tell them not to do it.

All I want to do is get out of bronze, is that so much to ask? the past 3 ranked games I've played were Lux games where I won my lane then just farmed/pretty much won teamfights with my 4...
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14 Oct
Ahhh wow, it feels like ages since I was on mobafire apart from the anime/manga forum, anyway onto the topic; this is more of a question than an actual blog post but would anyone have a clue even as to why my internet is slower when I play lol. Whenever I'm on the internet doing pretty much nothing (YT etc.) it runs perfectly and as soon as I get on lol it just slows right the **** down, my downloads are at their usual speed and even after I switch them off, which I never had to do before my ping still fluctuates between 200-400 and renders the game unplayable.
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19 Sep

Views: 1240 Slumps

Not my ideal next blog post but w/e I can't be bothered spamming the QQ thread so I'm gonna do a blanket blog post. Lately I have been playing pretty well in normals then as soon as I try ranked I go against people lower than I was winning against not long ago and lose, I know I should be able to outplay these people and most of them are higher than me anyway (B2 and 1's) but I feel like I'm under-performing, when I do win my lane some other lane has hopelessly fed and I just crumble under the pressure of having to try and solo carry should I stay away from ranked or just grind through and...
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09 Sep
Well I do really really hate my internet, want to download torrents all day, sure no problem, want to play LoL when tired and gonna feed anyway sure no problem but god forbid you want to play LoL when you are actually in the zone and going back into ranked, as soon as I have a good match the next match is definitely gonna be ruined by lag and random DC even though I apparently had 50 ping G the **** G internet you ****ing win, no more ranked for a while.
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