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IShouldGetALife's Mobafire Blog

08 Sep
So I've decided to start a series of posts that include suggestions of things like movies/games/books/music that invoke certain emotions for anyone who is looking for something to make them feel that emotion. I'll put these things in list format by type. As the title says the emotion I am going to use for my first post is sadness because that is the emotion most prevalent in my life so it is the easiest to find things for, without any further ado I shall start my list.

Things found on the internet:
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first one is a sequence of...
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03 Sep

Views: 595 Moving to OCE

Before I even get to so much as play a nomrla with the new friends I've added I'm moving on to OCE to be part of a team with my friends and to be able to play at school with my friends in Adelaide, owell goodbye 200+ ping and yanks complaining about 150 being unplayable and hello ~50 ping and Aussies complaining about 150+ being unplayable.
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29 Aug

Views: 615 Duo buddies

Hello mobafire (ans? ers?) guys I have been **** out of luck lately in ranked and was wondering if anyone on NA servers would be interested in duoing with me so we can both climb and gain game experience. My summoner name is IShouldGetALife and I am usually available all day saturday (half of the day American times) and sometimes friday, it would be appreciated a lot if anyone wants to :)

Ciao (ain't I fancy speakin' all Italian)
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28 Aug
Well I tried to play a ranked just now and everything was going good, mid was called and even though I was first pick I was courteous and called top since I am good at both (usually), then my second pick starts raging about me going top because he mains it and then when our time to pick comes he instalocks tryndamere (reminded me of the song) and starts abusing the **** out of me and the guy who called mid. I remember now that I don't avoid ranked because of the baddies that can't play because as long as they don't troll I should be able to carry them if I actually deserve to climb, I avoid...
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23 Aug
So, It's been a while and I have decided that I'm gonna d some more ranked and try and get myself to silver, I have decided to mainly play top and mid seeing as I actually have good Jax, Irelia and Elise mechanics for top (tri force buff op for the 2 former) and I (usually) have huge amounts of success with my Lux mid. I might be making a ranked journey thread but it probably won't get any views so cbf for the time being.

On to the next part of this post, I have recently picked up Lee Sin and was wondering if anyone had some tips to using him as I'm not the greatest...
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