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IShouldGetALife's Mobafire Blog

01 Jul

Views: 584 Smurfing

What is the point of smurfing when 9/10 games I get to vs a smurf of a guy thats in silver or up? I have a smurf on OCE so I can get to ranked there but whenever I play I feel like I'm **** losing to level 8's and 10's then the guy (usually my lane opponent) just spouts out that he's a smurf, it just seems that I get matched with all the smurfs, maybe I should just play bots till 30 on that account.
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26 Jun

Views: 437 Guide Help

I'm creating a guide for Lux and I'm doing the runes and masteries chapter but I cant seem to get the right runes in, I was wondering what I would have to do to get Magic pen reds, Armor yellows and Magic res blues in the style shown in this guide.
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17 Jun
Sometimes I wonder whether or not the riot staff were thinking when they put a champs difficulty rating out, I find that the champions riot deem hard ( Cassiopeia, Syndra etc.) I find rather simple and easy to pick up, I usually get good scores with them (with the exception of Orianna whom I can't play for ****), is this jsut because people don't know how to stop them because not many people play them or is it just that I am weird and can get the hard champions most of the time but have troubles with the easy ones (which I do) like [Mordekaiser.
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17 Jun
A while ago someone (not sure who it was) suggested for me to try Elise, Caitlyn and Varus, to whoever it was many thanks Elise has become my go to top laner and Caitlyn my favourite adc. So once again many thanks and to all you newer people on mobafire, listen to suggestions even if you might not like the sound of them, I did and although I didn't want to try Elise because I have really bad Arachnophobia, and she just creeped me out I don't really care any more, so really listening might help you find your new favourite champion...
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12 Jun
I was almost finished a game today and (not for the first time) the game just disconnected me, it still said I had my normal ping of 207 (aussie ping OP) and when i checked mobafire and lolking worked perfectly, then i reconnected for about 2 mins and it had severe lag, again with no ping issues or fps issues. It disconnected me again and then reconnnected me but it showed everyone being level 1, also it showed my farm as 104 (I was dc so dont abuse me for that) on the top right corner, but when I opened the scoreboard it showed my farm as 98, after the game ended it went black screen and...
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