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31 May

Views: 894 Smurfs

Recently I've started leveling my smurf up and have noticed that there are other people that smurf that just abuse the hell out of the legit low level players, I try to help as much as I can but it just annoys me that there are people like that in the community, one time I had a yi on my team I called mid as viktor who I had never played before but it was a smurf so I'm like wth I'll give him a go this yi then just randomly says I'm mid and abuses me. I go top so I don't cause an argument and then because I was top and I was viktor I did terribly so yi just abuses the **** out of me for...
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21 May
I officially think this game hates me, not long ago I was on a win streak in ranked and was bringing my win rate up (I was winning 6 or 7 out of 10) and then I get a ****** team, next game I played terribly but so did all but one of my team.
I just played another ranked game and we surrendered because we had taken no towers and the only tower not down to inhib turret was top (my lane) and I was the only one to get a decent laning phase I was 2-3-0 and only 2 were from lane one was defending mid inhib turret while my outer turret was still up. Out cait got 1 kill and in the 20 min long...
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17 May

Views: 401 Help please

I've been thinking of making myself a sig and was wondering what programs you need to be able to do it if someone can tell me that would be great thanks.
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16 May

Views: 280 Anyone up for a quiz?

I've been thinking about in my blog or the Q&A section doing a general knowledge quiz or something similar preferably Q&A so everyone can have a say in questions and the like. Anyone reckon its a decent idea?
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