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IShouldGetALife's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Array

28 Aug

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Well I tried to play a ranked just now and everything was going good, mid was called and even though I was first pick I was courteous and called top since I am good at both (usually), then my second pick starts raging about me going top because he mains it and then when our time to pick comes he instalocks tryndamere (reminded me of the song) and starts abusing the **** out of me and the guy who called mid. I remember now that I don't avoid ranked because of the baddies that can't play because as long as they don't troll I should be able to carry them if I actually deserve to climb, I avoid...
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04 Jul

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Hey guys if you could do me a massive favour and do this survey for em it would be much appreciated as it is for my Student Inquiry Project for school, the survey will be open for a while as I have a pretty large amount of time to do the project. link Here
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01 Jul

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I really have to start playign Ahri again haven't played her in about 2 months and this happened:
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01 Jul

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What is the point of smurfing when 9/10 games I get to vs a smurf of a guy thats in silver or up? I have a smurf on OCE so I can get to ranked there but whenever I play I feel like I'm **** losing to level 8's and 10's then the guy (usually my lane opponent) just spouts out that he's a smurf, it just seems that I get matched with all the smurfs, maybe I should just play bots till 30 on that account.
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16 May

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I've been thinking about in my blog or the Q&A section doing a general knowledge quiz or something similar preferably Q&A so everyone can have a say in questions and the like. Anyone reckon its a decent idea?
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