Well I tried to play a ranked just now and everything was going good, mid was called and even though I was first pick I was courteous and called top since I am good at both (usually), then my second pick starts raging about me going top because he mains it and then when our time to pick comes he instalocks tryndamere (reminded me of the song) and starts abusing the **** out of me and the guy who called mid. I remember now that I don't avoid ranked because of the baddies that can't play because as long as they don't troll I should be able to carry them if I actually deserve to climb, I avoid ranked because of the trolls and flamers that ruin the games because they don't get their main role (I hardly ever get my main ****ing role and I don't troll) and then if someone relents you figure out the hard way that they actually suck at their main and you are stuck with a role you can't carry from because it's your 3rd choice or something like that.

Well I know people probably won't care but I had to vent.