Seems like half my time in ranked is spent bouncing from 20-90 points in a division before getting to promos, and this doesn't bother me since it gives me more experience before I hit the next rank, what annoys the ever living **** out of me is when I play the best in my team, if not the game and my team makes the worst decision ever and throws the game while I sit there and tell them not to do it.

All I want to do is get out of bronze, is that so much to ask? the past 3 ranked games I've played were Lux games where I won my lane then just farmed/pretty much won teamfights with my 4 man ults and all seems good, a perfect example of what ****s me off to no end is when, in one of the games I was 8-0 at one point but the enemy adc and top were pretty strong, we ended up raping teamfights but we had no wards, the support just built tanky leo with no wards and I was full build pretty early so I couldn't get wards, the rest of the team thought it a great idea to go get a baron with no wards and the enemy team all up and mia with me at base making sure the enemy super minions didn't take our nexus turrets (we lost 1 inhib they lost 2) and then the inevitable happens, while I was telling my team to back the **** away from baron the enemy jax yolo jumps in then gets ult+shielded by lulu and the enemy team cleans up.

I feel helpless since all 3 recent lux games have been the same, I have warded when possible, won lane and pushed objectives as well as farming well and setting up kills for my team and when it seems we might win or we get the advantage my team goes full ****** and I'm stuck trying to reason with them and we inevitably lose from bad positioning and ******ed focus in fights.

If anyone on OCE that is around B2-S4 that would like to carry... errr I mean queue with me I would appreciate it quite a lot since I don't think I can stop myself from degenerating into a toxic rage bot if I get one more team that throws harder than MLB pitcher.

/rant over for now