So first of all despite most of my posts being quite dumb I have managed to get to the 'notable' rep level (idk how) thanks to every one that +repped me I must've been helpful for a change.

Next I will update my blog occasionally for my ranked games as I have had some success recently (I'm currently in series due to getting my 3 best champs in a row) and hopefully can get myself promoted and stay there, marking the start of my long climb towards my goal of silver before the end of the season.

So I'm 1-0 with my promo's great Sona match got my Quinn fed to bursting in lane and then finished 1-3-12 2 of those deaths got my teams Master Yi a triple and a double the other was a misplay in bot, all in all a great game in which I did extremely well in what is usually my worst position.

Things I did well: manage my mana well and always have a Q charged power chord up for a fight, hit at least 2 people with every ult, baited the enemy team into feeding my 2 highest damage dealers and warded well. Things I did bad: nothing really, made one mistake at bot Quinn and I fought when we shouldn't but apart from that nothing.