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Ixanthier (Unverified)
Janna, Pantheon, Veigar
Support, Caster DPS, Melee DPS


40 y/o father of 2, who started playing LOL a little over a year ago, but RL has gotten in the way, quite a bit. My vary first hero I purchased, was Janna, because I have always enjoyed being a team player, and assisting others to succeed. My second purchase was Veigar, as I tried him out when he was free. Oh my, a whole new world opened up to my eyes. I used 'Evildice' build, even though I wish he would update it. I REALLY enjoyed playing him, as his burst single damage is off the charts, and he also bears a strong resemblance to Black Mage from FF!! LOL I picked up Cho Gath, next, as seeing him get sooooo big in games was cool. I stopped playing for quite awhile, and when I came back, I got my fun Pantheon, and he's the one I usually IP farm with (see guide of the same name). My latest addition was Karthas, and am still learning how to play him.