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Hello guys, my name is Petar Janjic 18 years old from Serbia and i am playing lol for 2 years. My main role is jungler and solo top . My favorite champions is Renekton, Irelia, Maokai, Olaf, Gp, Riven, Nocturno, Malphite, Jarvan , Lee sin, Shyvana, Udyr , Skarner and Warwick. I am playing support and ad carry too but rearly and mid 1 time in 50 games :) ... I am playing pretty offensive and often deffesive depends who is on my lane. I like tanky champions cuz i can jump in opponent team and wait till my ad carry and ap carry kill them all :P... I am new on this site and in future there will be 100 of my posts, guides and builds. It is all from me that I can say in few wards :D