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Jimmydoggga 2.0's Mobafire Blog

18 Sep

Views: 368 World Champioships Blog!!

I thought I'd make a blog about the championships because......
Long story.
Anyway the only thing I've come up with so far is the League of legends drinking game.
So live with it.
1. Every time TSM make a stupid team comp around Yasuo..take 2 drinks.
2. Every time Nami is picked..have 1 drink.
Actually that explains why this blog exists.

Taiei Assassins vs Star Horn
Star Horn?

Jay on Janna.
Pick her against a team with no dive, whatsoever.
Then lose bot tower in 5 minutes.
I think whatever you picked her for...its not...
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07 Apr
Soooooo I thought id start a blog on interesting things.
And since playing games on low elo queue doesnt particularly interest me anymore, and I have no idea what anybody else is interested in, I thought id do one on art.
Because you know, artists corner and all.
So this is pretty much my blog on Artistic stuff.

Day 1:
Soooooooo did I mention I know nothing about graphics?
Cos I dont.
The last thing I remember drawing, I resfused to do in pink because thats a girls colour.
Because I was 5.
At last its nice to know that people try and include tutorials on these things......
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