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Hai der.

The name's Geo, known online as Jio Derako, or occasionally Jioruji Derako. I'm a digital artist, as well as a frequent gamer. When I'm not working on digital painting or 3D modeling, you can generally find me on League of Legends, playing one of a number of other shooters and RPGs, or waiting for Guild Wars 2 to be released.
Outside of my PC gaming, I'm also a certified judge for the card game Magic: the Gathering, and when I'm not playing that, I can be found on-staff for many of the larger tournaments in and around Philadelphia.

But perhaps some info about me in League of Legends, since that's probably why you're looking here!

[*] My main is Irelia. That perfect mix of burst damage and durability, especially for my playstyle (which is occasionally over-aggressive, but otherwise fairly passive).
Irelia was free-to-play on my very first week of LoL (back in June of 2011), and she's probably the only champ I was any good on at the time (despite building multiples of Tiamat and Wit's End). After finishing a 3v3 game as Irelia with upwards of 25 kills, I was decided that I liked Irelia.
Despite this, I didn't actually buy her for quite a while, instead picking up Akali, followed shortly by Nocturne, Nidalee, and Poppy. Eventually, I picked up Irelia, and I've been using her in most of my games since.

[*] My preferred role is that of solo-top, though at my level, I rarely get a jungler in my games. Irelia is of course my main choice for this role, but I also like playing Kennen and Nidalee in the lane; I'm looking to pick up even more solid solo-top champions, with Jarvan IV probably being my next acquisition.
When I'm not aiming for solo-top, I enjoy jungling as well, though I'm not nearly as good at it as I'd like to be. Nocturne is one of my main jungling choices, though I probably use Tryndamere a bit more, as I'm a big fan of his speed and ease-of-use. (Jarvan will probably find himself in the jungle on occasion as well, if I pick him up.)
Solo-mid is of course another role I love to take, though for the most part, I don't main a lot of champions who thrive there (Kennen or Teemo being probably my best options for it). Generally, I leave the mid lane to a player who wants it more, and can utilize it better than myself.

[*] My playstyle tends towards champions who can duel well, as I enjoy playing rather aggressively and catching foes out-of-position (occasionally at the cost of my own position, but I'm getting better at that). Irelia's bursty nature is a great fit for this, and her durability makes escapes an easier prospect when I've gone a bit too far out.
As you may have noticed, I like the solo roles a great deal more than any other; a result of my play level, I rarely have teammates who focus much on synergy or teamplay, so I don't like to gimp myself by trying to play a role that depends on such. Perhaps something that will change in the future, as I pick up more players I enjoy playing with, and/or boost up my elo to a level where teammates have a greater understanding of working together.

By the way, I like to write.