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JJxCracKLorD (Unverified)
Shaco, Nautilus, Fiddlesticks
Assassin, Support, Tank


Hello, I am a teenage boy from Norway that have a passion for LoL and games itself!
My name is Jacob, I live in the city of Oslo (The capital of Norway) and I have this passion for games, I tend to be a bad loser against my friends but I am fun to play with ^^.
Shaco, I can't get enough of him, I tend to play him on Dominion and stuff, if I play on Classic then I'll be pushed to go either mid or Jungler else I will be reported :/ but either way, I like him alot; he's a cool champ but a pretty annoying one too.

I play Mondays to Friday (Not the whole week thouhg :P)
and just add me!
BTW, What does LFG /LFM mean?

Thanks for reading :D

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