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Joey Rush (Unverified)
Malzahar, Mordekaiser, Talon
Caster DPS, Jungler, Melee DPS


I was borned in 4th December 1997.
My nickname is Joey ( Rush ).
I am playing League of Legends since it was beta,I think since 2008.
My main is Malzahar,but I enjoy Shaco,Olaf,Renekton,Heimerdinger,Nasus,Talon,Tryndamere,Cho'Gath,JAX!,Twisted Fate,Brand,Veigar,Annie and Xerath 2 xD
I am very friendly,I meen,I am not saying this just to make you a fals judge about me. :)
If you ( Mr. Who-ever-reads-this ) want to play with me,don't think that the level or the skill is interesting me,just add me :)