Hey, what's up!

My name is jokersprank but my reals name will be a secret xD. I'm playing on the EUW server and my summoner name is nighttray00 and I'm called night (so many names...). At the moment I'm not playing ranked cause I did a break in the winter (trauma from one game). But it's soon S4 so I will start there some time.

This was a lot about me. Well, let's come to the real subject. I've played yesterday night Ahri. I bought her a long time ago, just I didn't play her (passionate Teemo-player here). She is a funny champion but i suck at her and somehow I tend to throw games with her. So here comes my question; How did I win? Seriously, I had a really good start and then died a few times too much. 5/6/8 or so were my states. The other team were also solala but it was only the 20-minute-mark. Why did they surrender? Really I just don't know why people just give up. That's also the reason I'm so bored playing LOL.

There is always a chance to win. So to everyone:

Note: I am in mobafire for a short amount of time. So this was made purely because I was bored.
Thanks, if you've read this entry. Hope everyone has a good day!