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jokersprank's Mobafire Blog

15 Dec
Hi everybody!

My name is jokersprank aka nightray00 and I play since the end of season 2 but that's already enough about me. Today I want to discuss as you can already see: Keystone masteries. Why? Well, I had the urge to write about them and as well to have something to keep me sane in my examination period...

In general, I think that masteries have become this year more meaningful and are more than just powerful stats boosts. However, I'm troubled by some keystone masteries because some are being abused by certain champions and some will be abused in the near future....
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15 Dec
Hello again!

This is part 2 of my keystone trilogy and I'm happy to see you again or if you are new that you want to read my post. For those who are new, read the first part Keystone Masteries Part 1/3 because there I go over the ferocity tree. You might notice that I have a rather positive attitude towards the cunning tree if you've read the first post. Without further ado, let's start with the next tree.


I would rate this as the best tree of all three because it offers...
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16 Nov

Hey, what's up!

My name is jokersprank but my reals name will be a secret xD. I'm playing on the EUW server and my summoner name is nighttray00 and I'm called night (so many names...). At the moment I'm not playing ranked cause I did a break in the winter (trauma from one game). But it's soon S4 so I will start there some time.

This was a lot about me. Well, let's come to the real subject. I've played yesterday night Ahri. I bought her a long time ago, just I didn't play her (passionate Teemo-player here). She is a...
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