Hello again!

This is part 2 of my keystone trilogy and I'm happy to see you again or if you are new that you want to read my post. For those who are new, read the first part Keystone Masteries Part 1/3 because there I go over the ferocity tree. You might notice that I have a rather positive attitude towards the cunning tree if you've read the first post. Without further ado, let's start with the next tree.


I would rate this as the best tree of all three because it offers every champion something useful. It resembles the old utility tree but there are also some offensive types of masteries.

Stormraider's surge

Dealing 30% of a champion's maximum Health within 2 seconds grants you 35% Movement Speed for 3 seconds (10 second cooldown).

In my opinion it's a pretty cool mastery. I would also say it's rather balanced as it only offers utility in form of movement speed if you deal damage to a champion within 2 second and has also a reasonable cooldown. I think riot did here a good job because there are a lot of champions that are immobile or lack a meaningful escape ( Diana).
It is a good option for assassins and burst mages. I thought about the cases of abuse but I haven't heard of them yet or thought of. At first I considered LeBlanc an offender but she has to W into the target and this mastery is more of a "Deal damage and get out" mastery. LeBlanc doesn't really need it as she can teleport back.
I think champions like Diana or Akali can make good use of it. Basically everyone with burst and ****py mobility.
Additionally, the movement speed can help out champions who have to fight close range and can benefit from Lich Bane. I mention this because I play a lot of Ahri and she can proc the item fairly easily but you have to get into auto attack range what I never liked. Now with the addition of this mastery you can position yourself better to proc the passive.


The mastery is in a reasonable spot. However, there is a little buff on the PBE.
  • Movement speed bonus increased to 40% from 35%
  • Now also grants 100% slow resistance for 3 seconds
  • Time frame to deal damage increased to 2.5 seconds from 2
I think the changes will make it an even stronger utility mastery, you could even say spell. Honestly, I like the proposal very much because it's earlier accessible and 100% slow resistance - the dream. I will have maybe a chance against Nasus super slow which lasts so long...

Thunderlord's Decree

Your third attack or spell on an enemy champion shocks the area around them, dealing 10 damage per level plus 30% of your bonus Attack Damage and 10% of your Ability Power as magic damage to enemies in the area (20 second cooldown).

It's the AoE version of Luden's Tempest's purple procs. For burst mages, this is the ideal mastery. You might ask why this is so good but you have to think about how burst mages deal their damage. Most of the time it's AoE damage and at max level the spells have a reasonable cooldown. Burstmages literally throw everything at everybody. The possibility to hit somebody is very high and the amount of spells that are used in a team fight is pretty big too. In conclusion, the mastery can be proced a lot and therefore you will deal lots of damage.
Currently, Thunderlord's Decree is used by everyone but that doesn't mean it's extremely OP, more not clearly defined (see below). It's a good mix of the meta being mid game focused and not on the late game. This means, scaling masteries like Deathfire Touch aren't needed as the game progresses faster and Thunderlord's Decree giving free bonuses without the need to wait for items because it scales with levels. Thunderlord gets outdamaged by Deathfire at level 18, which means that it isn't essentially OP.


I think that this mastery is really buggy and doesn't go on cooldown or counts multi target spells as more than one stack. It would be nice if there were more clarity. Honestly, I don't know if this is supposed to be like this.

Windspeaker's Blessing

Your heals and shields are 10% stronger. Additionally, your shields and heals on other allies increase their armor by 5-22 (based on level) and their magic resistance by half that amount for 3 seconds.

Oh my, this one broke the queen of bananas and heals in the previous patch. The purpose of this was to buff enchanter supports (I think that's how riot calls them) like Janna, Nami and Sona because tanky supoorts are so much stronger than them. They do not provide more utility than Janna & co. but they are so much durable while having a good amount of utility.
As I speak of (Patch 5.24) Sona has seen more play but about Janna it's like always, I guess. However, I think that's because of the strong emphasis on the early to mid game and the gold increase due to Frost Queen's Claim being stupidly overtuned, which makes damage oriented champions viable as they can get their items faster.


It already got nerfed. It seems in a fine state and currently, I have no idea how it could be changed.


The cunning tree is pretty interesting and offers some great choices. We will have to see if Thunderlord's Decree will still be viewed as OP or not. I have to say that this post isn't as long as the first one but this tree only needs some fine tuning and it will be ok.

I hope you liked my second part of the keystone trilogy and please comment if you see inconsistencies. If you disagree with some of my statements or with the whole post, don't be afraid to state your opinion. Afterall, it sounds more OP on paper than it is in most cases.

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