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I'm a player who began playing in January 2016. I play unranked at the moment, and make guides for the majority of the League Community that is (guess what?) Unranked! I main Tristana, Ezreal, and Jhin ADC. When I'm not my happy trio, I usually go Fiora, Bard, Darius, Evelynn, Fizz... I like doing damage. The reason I make any guides is for people brand new to a Champion, so they can at least have the proper Runes, Masteries, Builds, and fun that should come with playing a champion. I just hate seeing a team get steamrolled from the start because someone new to a Champion didn't think to look up Runes and Masteries before hand. League of Legends is a fun game with no shortage of challenge and strategy, and I would like to help you guys strategize before the game even starts. If you're not having fun, what the hell? If you're not being challenged, go ranked. If you're not challenged in ranked, then you're challenger and ready to go pro.