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BA Kanox (Unverified)
Shaco, Evelynn, Ryze
Jungler, Melee DPS, Caster DPS


I'm From the UK, But play on the US server due to the fact 90% of online friends are form the US/US server contries. I plat roughly 5-12 Games a day With about 45 different champs depending who i feel like playing(normal)/Who is needed(Ranked). Getting together with a good team would be nice although im happy to have fun with not so good friends also. LoL is a game dont take it to serious, but no one likes to lose.

Mains are as follows According to who/what is needed But in order of prefrence (aka Shaco TF Ryze Rammus)
Jungle/Melee AD(apart form Evelynn she dont jungle):
Shaco, Evelynn, Udyr, Trundle, Warwick
AD Carry:
Twisted Fate, Miss Fortune
Ap Carry:
Ryze, Kennen, Vigar
Rammus, Malphite, Cho
Fun Champs:
Akali, Ezreal, Gangplank, Morde, Nasus, And all of the above.