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Keels's Mobafire Blog

19 Jul
I saw in a game of TPA vs CLGblack a puzzling thing on their Corki player: He got Last Whisper, which confused me... why would you have an item that is made less effective by his own e? I understand for high armor targets it may be better, but on corki, with 16 arpen from runes and masteries, and 10 % arpen, attacking with a full spray from Gatling Gun and giving 3 stacks of The Black Cleaver means you reduce their armor by a full 85, then you penetrate 16, so you penetrate 101 armor and penetrate an additional 10%. But what may confuse some Corki players is the "fine print" on...
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14 Jul

Views: 777 Taric OP?

Taric brings unparalleled burst to the bottom lane. That's a fact. A quick E-R-W combo can halve a carry's life early on, and opens up your carry to jump on them, with immense buffs and debuffs applied to the enemy carry. Combine that with being a tankier support able to take a good amount of beatings, and having a very nice heal, and you've got a recipe for OP. An aggressive Taric- based bot lane can snowball very easily, and combined with a high burst carry like Corki, Tristana, or Graves is damn near an easy win. While he still doesn't have nearly as bad of an imbalance...
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11 Jul
While his viability is yet to be seen firsthand, this is quite possibly the most overdue buff I've ever seen. Nunu went from passable to garbage the second the jungle was reworked, and these were instantly the buffs I imagined would make him competitive again.
I like how they managed to keep his power in lane as a support the same and improved his jungling status. I think, however, instead of receiving the same buff from Blood Boil as when he uses it on someone else, i think he should at least get an AD bonus for using it on himself.
THEN he would be pretty okay in my opinion, but...
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25 Jan

Views: 3867 Jungling Tier List

After observing and playing a sizable amount of junglers, I've decided to make a tier list that i think most suits the current state of the game. I've borrowed some ideas from stonewall008, one of my favorite players in the game. I'll explain my tiers and some of my choices, as this is my first list.


- Skarner, Lee Sin, Trundle

Tier 1

- Udyr, Maokai, Nocturne, Amumu, Cho'Gath, Shaco, Gangplank

Tier 2

- Olaf, Jarvan, Rammus, Warwick, Jax, Singed, Karthus

Tier 3

- Xin Zhao, Alistar, Tryndamere, Shyvanna, Shen, Nasus,...
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