So I am going to quit both. I have a lot on my plate as it is. Besides that I have a few reasons.

Quitting League of Legends

  • Won't be able to buy Panda Teemo. I don't want to see others with the skin, so GG.
  • Tired of getting raged at for having a bad game.
  • ELO so bad.

Quitting MobaFire

  • I must leave the community that helped me so much with LoL.
  • Troll votes.

Congratulations troll voters. You won!

It was a fun ride with you guys. I have been welcomed by many and have been treated like a lady should be treated. Thank you all for your compassion and helpfulness. I hope you guys have fun!

I am going to give both of my accounts to my cousin, Dende. He knows more about LoL, so yeah. I am giving the Mobafire and League of Legends account to him so they don't go to waste. I hope you guys can play with him and treat him like you treat me please.

I will remain on MobaFire until I release my Varus guide. When it is released, I am going to wait 3 days to see the feedback and percentage it gets. After that, I am going to post another blog announcing my leave.

He will be updating the guides and keeping them as Ideal as they can be. He should be releasing guides of his own. May you guys have a future filled with happiness and faith.