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29 Sep
Well I am trying to clear out that sign in my signature because it is getting too long and is cutting off some stuff. Well here are the signatures that were made for me, THANKS GUYS!!! This contains all the signatures that are displayed in my signature area.

Bree (LaCorpse)
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27 Jul

Views: 1121 AP Mummy


So I was playing with a friend that wanted to go all AP yordles. We played on Twisted Treeline and here it is:

space vs. space Garen

We got out to a rough start so we lost bot turret. Then we eventually picked ourselves up and then aced them 5 times to where we destroyed their turrets at top to their inhibitor. We...
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20 Jun
So I am going to quit both. I have a lot on my plate as it is. Besides that I have a few reasons.

Quitting League of Legends

  • Won't be able to buy Panda Teemo. I don't want to see others with the skin, so GG.
  • Tired of getting raged at for having a bad game.
  • ELO so bad.

Quitting MobaFire

  • I must leave the community that helped me so much with LoL.
  • Troll votes.
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08 Jun

Views: 1289 READ ME!!!

So I am probably not going to be on until the 15th because I am going on a family vacation and my parents are old school..... meaning no electronics are allowed, no exceptions. We are going to go to Greece for 6 days. I am leaving tomorrow so don't expect me to be on. I have a cousin that lives in Greece and plays LoL, so I may be able to play.... all depends on if he lets me on the computer. Same with MOBA, he doesn't want me to go on moba because he uses solomid, but he still will allow me on. Will be updating you guys probably within the 13-15th. Because we will be doing nothing other...
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