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Keondre's Mobafire Blog

23 May
So I just came back from watching The Avengers. It was a really good movie, but I only went there for basically 1 reason: To see Captain America (played by Chris Evans)...

Ohh my gosh, he is soo sexy. Even my fiance knows I like him. He is just so sexy! Gosh damn, whoever is his wife is so lucky. I hate her. :P

But the movie overall was really good. I am usually not a fan of action movies, but this was too good. I mean, the animations and the realistic monster thingies was pretty awesome!


Someone tell me you wouldn't be fantasizing over this:...
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22 May
Okay guys! I had the awesomeest dream in the world!

I dreamed that I was a Veteran here at mobafire. And then I also dreamed that my computer was fixed. I also dreamed about server transferring allowing you to bring your account to a different server with the same stuff you had. I was dreaming that I was playing with IceCreamy and MissMaw :D
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21 May

Views: 1854 Slutty Chinese Website

Okay Arcana. If you do not find that website on google or pull it from your head I am going to kill you xD

Hell hath no fury like a pregnant lady's scorn!
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