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Hey, what the heck brought you here? Seriously, why are you reading this? Well I guess I might as well put some information about myself here since you feel compelled to read. I started playing this in the late spring of 2012. For the longest time I was just playing WoW and despised LoL because the people who played it were *******s and the gameplay looked like your basic hack 'n slash. A few of my friends from high school convinced me to at the very least, try the game out for a week or two. So I did, I played as Ashe mostly since they gave her to me for free for doing the tutorial or something and I really sucked. Last hits were like "Say what now?" and I had no idea what abilities did what. I read Jhoijhoi's guide on Ashe and sure enough my game play improved. I was able to save up for that lovely lovely monster Cho'gath. Bought the loch'nas skin for him almost immediately (It was either that or the Jurassic one and that kind of just looked silly) I still do not regret that purchase as I still use him today. Anyway! After three weeks or so I got bored and left the game only to return in the early summer after graduation because I was bored. Skarner was a champion that caught my eye and after reading up more on his lore I figured this game actually had some story! Shut down really quickly only to find maybe 3 pages worth however I was determined to buy that bastard. Having played Cho'gath so often getting IP wasn't very hard because when you're level 1-17 and you've already mastered Cho'gath, people tend to just drop like flies. After obtaining Skarner I then had to learn wtf jungling actually meant. My friend DiscreteOmen then began tutoring me. His real name is <Redacted> and he's a great friend of mine from High School. After about half a year's worth of tutelage I still make some newbie mistakes but I've found that burst mages are *******s, nocturne is the best assassin as far as commitment goes, and if you get WW to 18 you can solo baron with next to no threat at all. I'd put myself at a high intermediate player but I am just under pro and it shows when versing lvl 30s I only hope to get stronger but I still think the game is a bunch of random fights with no meaning and that really kills any RPG. I'm RaiFenra and thank you for your freakish fascination with reading my profile. e.o Weirdo.