hi friends

I haven't made one of these blog things in a while but I just had some things on my mind that I felt like sharing.

I went into this season without really setting a specific goal. I had reached platinum about halfway through season 2 and figured if I just played a decent amount of games I'd probably get to diamond. As it turned out, there were a lot of factors that let to 'just getting diamond' not being as easy as I believed it was going to be.

Besides some pretty frequent computer/internet issues, my main problem throughout the season was me not being able to stick with a main role. This was a problem that started off in season 2, as I switched from maining top since starting ranked in season 1, untill I started climbing out of silver in season 2 where I played mainly mid.

I started off season 3 as an AD carry 'main' (I say 'main' cause I didn't really last very long). I duo queued with Koksei for my first few games and got back to platinum rather quickly before the Elo system changed. While I did enjoy it quite a bit, I just couldn't stand solo queuing as an AD carry and dealing with all the random last picks being forced into supporting and not really knowing what they were doing. Needless to say I got fed up with it and kind of gave up on the role.

I went back to top lane as I saw some of my season 2 favorites Katarina and Akali becoming quite popular in the top lane. Along with them I also picked up Elise on release who I immediately fell in love with. I felt like I was doing really well with them at the time, consistently winning my lane and having a positive impact on most of my games. A few months in I started playing with a semi serious team and played with that exact main roster.
It was going well but ranked teamplay also introduced me to the dark side of playing top lane. The part where you have to 1v2 and the part where the enemy jungler just decides to keep you out of the game. That, along with some pretty serious 'tanky Katarina' nerfs made me want to roleswap once again.

I went back to AD to play in that same team because really it was the most convenient at the time and I kinda felt like doing it again. Again I only lasted about a month before I got fed up with the exact same things and just gave up on it.

Here came a time where I just didn't know what to do. At this point we're halfway through the season and I still hadn't really gotten anywhere in ranked sitting at platinum 4-5 for the majority of the season (a ranking I had already achieved midway season 2). I was getting really demotivated because while I didn't set a specific goal for myself, I did want to improve and climb the ladder. With all the role swaps I wasn't really getting better at anything.
Anyway, for a month or two I tried out both mid and support but both seemed unfit for me in the end.

Then came the time where I decided to try the one role I thought I was never going to play seriously, jungle. My two most played champions (overall) at the time were Lee Sin and Elise, both great junglers so I just gave it a shot and it turned out pretty good. I finally started climbing the ranked ladder and was having a lot of fun in my games. I got up to platinum 3 and played jungle for a different team with moderate success.
However.. once again after a month or two had passed I started seeing the downsides of it all. Jungling in solo queue can be a huge pain in the ***. You're usually the first person people look at when things go wrong. Everyone expects you to carry every lane at the same time and if you don't you're doing it wrong. While I was able to ignore most of it, it just wasn't very enjoyable.

Finally, as a last resort, I turned to the champion that had been my favorite since I tried her out early season 2. Riven. I never considered playing her more because I was really really bad at her. I looked at her as a fun champion to play in normal games and nothing more. But hey, I had tried everything at this point so why not?

What followed was probably the most fun I ever had in League of Legends. For some reason, where it didn't click before, it instantly did this time. I was destroying every top laner and carrying games even when they looked desperately lost. Even in the games I lost I was having a blast (well, in most games at least). My smurf hit level 30 and I started spamming Riven on that account. I made it to platinum within a week of playing, passed my main account in mmr not long after that and in just about 100 games I had finally hit diamond.
While I still don't particularly like playing top lane, I like Riven enough to the point where that doesn't matter.

So overall, while my season was kind of disappointing in the sense that I didn't climb as high as I had hoped, I can say that I finally found a set of champions and solid main I feel really comfortable playing and I likely won't be changing that up any time soon.

Aaaaanyway, on to season 4. I didn't really set any specific goals but I'm just gonna go ahead and say that I want to hit at least Diamond 1 before half of the season is over.
I'm pretty excited about the jungle changes since out of all the roles I have played it still is my favorite one in general. Where jungle Riven now has a lot of problems with gold income if she doesn't get extremely far ahead early on, the jungle changes might actually make her a viable jungler in which case that'll probably be what I'm going to do in season 4.

Once I am comfortable with all the season 4 stuff I will also be releasing an in-depth Riven guide -probably- covering both top lane and jungle if it turns out to be viable enough.

So yeah this blog got a lot bigger than I thought it would be so to sum it all up, have a TLDR: Disappointing season 3 due to a lot of role swapping and not knowing wtf to do, did find my champion in the end and plan on making season 4 much better than season 3 was by NOT changing up my **** again.

dats pretty much it, pce