Duo queue with TheGrandmasterD


Top: Gangplank vs Kayle
Middle: Xerath vs Vladimir
Bottom: Vayne and Alistar vs Graves and Soraka
Jungle: Lee Sin vs Udyr


Fun game, I decided to pick up a support to try and make sure our Vayne first pick would be in relatively good hands.

First blood happened up top as Kayle got a pretty early kill on Gangplank. He was losing his lane pretty badly, untill Kayle took the turret and Gangplank basically free farmed all day.

Every other lane seemed to go fine. Lee Sin was doing work everywhere and was really the one who pushed us to an advantage after a rather bad start of the game.
Bottom lane we managed to trade a few kills here and there as Lee Sin ganked. I did **** up a couple of times not taking turret agro soon enough so Vayne got it and ended up dying 2 times for it.

I didn't really see what was going on around the map as I was eating at the same time, so I can't say much more, except that we won the game by winning a crucial dragon fight where my team was doing dragon as I was closer to mid clearing a ward, the entire enemy team went for me as I ulted and got them all in a pulverize, after which Vayne and Xerath cleaned everyone up. This resulted in 4 kills and a dragon for free and basically put us in the driver's seat for the rest of the game.

A few more fights happened, all in our favor and mostly as a result of me getting caught (or was it a bait all along? huehuehue). In a fight where we killed 3 enemies and lost only myself, my team picked up an easy Baron. Not much later we dove their team under the last mid turret and took out Graves and Udyr for free. We took the inhibitor and kept pushing on, battling them inside their base and eventually taking out the Nexus while Vayne and Xerath killed everyone.

WIN-LOSS: 81-76