So this was another game I wanted to talk about. I offered to support to let other people play their best roles since I was last pick, but not having played support since back in the 1400s I was pretty unsure about how this game would go.


Top: Kennen vs Nocturne
Mid: Malzahar vs Fizz
Bottom: Graves and Taric vs Corki and Ashe
Jungle: Alistar vs Dr. Mundo


This game started out pretty rough for us. We all agreed to invade, having both Taric and Alistar. I caught Dr. Mundo with a Flash + Dazzle, but he managed to get away cause noone flashed to follow up (even though Alistar was most certainly in range to do so)
Not having Flash ended up in me giving first blood when Dr. Mundo came for a gank right as I was warding.

Top lane, Kennen died to Nocturne shortly after when Nocturne decided to towerdive. He got away with around 100 health but our Alistar was near. Right when Alistar was there to finish the job, he got his Headbutt blocked by Nocturne's spellshield and then got counterganked by Dr. Mundo who picked up another easy kill.

The only lane that seemed to be doing okay was mid lane who got the first kill of our team when Fizz tried to towerdive but overestimated his damage and died.

We lost the first dragon when Nocturne came down for it and Kennen was still top. We gave it away uncontested.

The game started to turn around the 15 minute mark. I landed a good Dazzle on Ashe and with a good follow-up from Graves we blew her up.

When they went for the second dragon, we won the teamfight 4v5 and stole the dragon in the process, putting us back in the game. At this point, Graves and Malzahar had been picking up a lot of kills. After a couple of bad decisions, (most of them from Alistar) we started winning teamfights cause of good engages and focus. Graves got all the protection he needed to clean up every single fight together with Malzahar.
After a nice 4 for 1 kill trade in our favor, we picked up Baron, 2 inhibitors and ended the game after the next teamfight, which was a 5 for 1 in our favor.

This was a game I played very badly at the start due to just not being agressive enough and letting Ashe and Corki push us over too much, but as the game progressed I started getting more comfortable with the role and we started winning the lane. I definitely learned something about supporting and next time I play this lane I'll be able to do much better.

So the win streak continues. Starting to climb pretty nicely now. Up to an 18 game win streak now (minus one game in-between) Hopefully hitting 1700 soon!

WIN-LOSS: 118-87