Top: Riven vs Warwick
Middle: Zilean vs Brand
Bottom: Caitlyn and Soraka vs Ezreal and Taric
Jungle: Nocturne vs Fiddlesticks

Result: Defeat (forgot to take a screenshot)

Sigh. Same guy who trolled my last game as Twitch got in my game again as Caitlyn. His pick gave me a slight shimmer of hope but his play was pretty much identical to last game.

First blood happened top lane as I took out Warwick by myself at level 2. I learned alot since my last Warwick matchup as Riven and completely dominated him this game, getting twice his creep kills and killing him twice before the laning phase ended.

Mid lane did 'alright' at the start, picking up a kill after Nocturne came for a gank, but that advantage soon came to an end as Zilean died to Brand over and over and over.

Bottom lane... oh bottom lane. Bottom lane went 0-12 within 15 minutes of the game. 0-16 if you count Nocturne coming to 'help' them and dying as well.

Bottom and mid lane got fed so hard there was literally nothing I could do with my huge advantage I had top lane. We had no damage and I was the only one who lasted more than 2 seconds in teamfights. Another very frustrating game that was just doomed from the start and where a loss was completely unavoidable. Sigh.

WIN-LOSS: 58-54