2 more games I've played recently (need to stop rageclicking Play Again after losses and take screenshots of them too) Not been playing ranked a lot cause my net has a tendency to crash lately.

Anyways.. slowly climbing back up the ladder, hopefully getting ma goldz back soon!

Game 13


Top: Lee Sin vs Warwick
Middle: LeBlanc vs Ahri
Bottom: Tristana and Sona vs Sivir and Alistar
Jungle: Rammus vs Amumu


Game started out really bad with bottom lane giving up first blood as Sona got caught in an Alistar combo and a full double hit of Sivir's Q. Our support was someone who in the champion select said he could not support but ended up having to anyway (cos solo queue people are cool liek that). Sona kept dying repeatedly during the laning phase untill the point Sivir was 5-0 pretty early on.

Top lane I was having a really easy time, stomping Warwick everytime he came near the creepwave. Having Heal and Ignite gave me a huge lane advantage overall and allowed me to snowball my lane really hard, really quickly.

Mid lane was having trouble at first, but after some support from Rammus started doing well and ended up winning his lane against Ahri pretty convincingly.

First teamfight was at Dragon as Warwick had to back and ran down for it, my team ended up in a 4v5 situation, got caught, gave up 3 kills and dragon. I took top tower to make the loss seem a bit less painful but it was quite a blow. As my team was getting picked off everywhere, I made the decision to stop AFK-farming top and I actually started roaming to try and prevent my team from exploding in rage at eachother. This turned out to work very well as I was now the one picking people off and killing them.
We started winning teamfights very convincingly as I repeatedly caught Ahri off-guard and killer her instantly.

A good teamfight middle ended up 4-0 in our favor. We picked up middle inhibitor, killed Baron, immediatly went on to push down the one remaining top tower as we got engaged on. We managed to ace the enemy team, losing just Rammus and pushed on for the win.

-Had a loss with Riven in between these games due to my net acting up and me disconnecting several times, did not get a screenshot of the game but it was actually still a rather close game. We were winning the game untill at 35 minutes I disconnected once more and the enemy team managed to win the game before I reconnected 2 minutes later.-

Game 14


Top: Irelia vs Garen
Middle: Swain vs Ahri
Bottom: Ezreal and Blitzcrank vs Ashe and Sona
Jungle: Udyr vs Skarner


Well I had a lot of fun this game. I firstpicked Irelia and got 'counter'picked Garen. I picked up 34 armor in runes and laughed in his face all game long.

Not much to say about this game. Top lane I was taking quite a dump on Garen, getting twice his farm and 3 early kills on him by the 15 minute mark.

Mid lane was quite even and bottom lane was stomping in our favor.

We ended up winning the game pretty easily with me being very farmed and Blitzcrank landing every single hook (this guy was such a boss <3).

WIN-LOSS: 84-78