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There's not a huge amount to say about me here. I am a non-competitive LoL player, and I sit on the ventrilo of a friend of mine and we play premade a lot of the time with varying amount of people. i also play solo queues and feel free to add me as "Kibblinator" on the EU servers if ou want a game.

As for MOBAFIRE, i'm a dedicated sig maker on these forums, mainly just clearing up requests from people that dont post in stickied threads. I'm the compiler of a render selection here and proud of it :). I'm also the author of a Sivir build and possibly going to start a Lux one very soon.

I guess my ambition is to some point become a veteran, but hey, I'm happy to just sit here and input at my own pace. This is a great website with the best community I think i've known anywhere.