Cassie just seems my style, powerful, potentially game changing ult, good mobility (I love utility masteries plus MS Quints on her) and a challenging spammy kit. The pattern noted last post is my tendency to gravitate towards the 'difficult' champions. Ahri, Anivia, Orianna, Syndra and now Cassiopeia. Actually I tend to struggle with simple ones, my Katarina, for example, is dreadful.

So how do I do with her? My laning is probably my weakest area at the moment, which is a pity, Cassie has such nice strength at level 4. That said, my laning with her is relatively weak, I say it is weak because I know I'm not succeeding in taking advantage of what she has to offer, not because I get crushed (although I did royally fudge up that one lane, but managed to really get back into the game). Later fighting is generally pretty solid and I feel I play her to good effect. Some of the lag spikes I've had recently have been horrendous on her, what with those small AoE Noxious Blast casts, but I've not had any in today's games, so perhaps it's going away. I think I have potential with her and I enjoy her, but I'm not entirely sure whether I want to main her or not just yet, probably because I've spammed her for the past few days, all the while wanting to play Ori or Syndra.

Funny story from aaaages ago. I was camping in the bush by Baron as my team baited a fight out and launched a wonderful 4-5 man ult right in their faces, proceeding to crush them with nary a casualty on our side. Then I looked back and saw that, for some reason, my ult had not actually activated. How the hell did I not notice that the enemy team had NOT been petrified? It was pretty wierd. Especially considering how easily we swept them away, we weren't that head.

Bonus: The Lane Game

Cassiopeia is a massive lane bully, and I think that my methods of fulfilling that also go towards solving my last-hitting problems. I usually simultaneously watch for creeps going low and the enemy opening up for harass or a trade; it works well enough until I spot an opportunity to harass. If I notice that before a last-hit, I'll never notice the creep until it's gone.

With my bullying on Cassie, I keep a watch on my creep HP and look for when they are going to become targets for last-hits so I know when to zone or harass my enemy. This tends to leak over to my CSing, with me looking not for what I can last-hit now, but for what I can last-hit soon, and that seems to work altogether better. Or well, when I'm playing champions that aren't Cassiopeia; I find her attack animation awkward and use masteries with less last-hitting power than I usually use on other champs so while my attention to last-hitting is good with her, my actual attacks come too early more often than with others, hence me dragging her into customs.

Other News

This is my last MLM for a while, likely. Or at least, I am no longer focusing on getting used to new champions now and am going into practicing a roster for ranked. I've really been feeling the need to play some Ori and Syndra. I'll not start ranked until after I return from holiday, but I can get in some practice between now and then. Normals will probably be for practicing new stuff when I start ranked. I've still got Diana, Katarina, Lissandra, Twisted Fate, Xerath and Zyra as champions I'm very interested in trying to get a hang of, and Annie, LeBlanc, Morgana and Ryze as champions I'm somewhat less interested to play, but still feel it's worth trying to get a basic level of competence with them.

As it stands, though, my roster to practice definitely has Orianna, I love her too much, probably contains Syndra and Ahri, and contrary to my predictions, probably won't have much of Lux. I just don't really feel much drive to play her. Anivia might see more use in normals, but I'm not sure if I'll ever play her seriously. Not really sure what to do about Cassiopeia, I'm a little burnt out with her at the moment, but I might feel differently when I've not played her for a while. I'm not doing any sort of support spamming, but I've been having a lot of fun with Zyra and I really feel I aught to learn Leona, I think I need that tanky support for when my team decides to throw glass-cannons everywhere. Lulu is very much still a great a deal of fun, and I still derp around a lot with her (oops) and I'm too much of a musician at heart to say goodbye to Sona.